Malik Gallery Collection




Stool with solid beechwood frame with natural or stained finish. Upholstered plywood back and sides. Upholstered seat with elastic belts. Stainless steel foothold protector.




Height: 43¾"
Depth: 23"
Width: 23¼"
Seat Height: 32"
Weight: 29 lbs.


COM $2,414
COL $2,529
Fabric 1 $2,174
Fabric 2 $2,212
Fabric 3 $2,246
Fabric 4 $2,288

Malik Gallery Collection






lacquered wood

Low gloss lacquer on beechwood.


stained wood

Stain on beechwood.


fabric 1


Faul leather. 85% PVC, 15% PL%. 50,000 Martindale. Sopft with small matte grain surface.

1-bloom.jpg1 bloom
10-bloom.jpg10 bloom
11-bloom.jpg11 bloom
12-bloom.jpg12 bloom
13-bloom.jpg13 bloom
14-bloom.jpg14 bloom
15-bloom.jpg15 bloom
16-bloom.jpg16 bloom
17-bloom.jpg17 bloom
18-bloom.jpg18 bloom
19-bloom.jpg19 bloom
2-bloom.jpg2 bloom
20-bloom.jpg20 bloom
21-bloom.jpg21 bloom
22-bloom.jpg22 bloom
23-bloom.jpg23 bloom
24-bloom.jpg24 bloom
25-bloom.jpg25 bloom
26-bloom.jpg26 bloom
27-bloom.jpg27 bloom
28-bloom.jpg28 bloom
29-bloom.jpg29 bloom
3-bloom.jpg3 bloom
30-bloom.jpg30 bloom
31-bloom.jpg31 bloom
32-bloom.jpg32 bloom
33-bloom.jpg33 bloom
34-bloom.jpg34 bloom
35-bloom.jpg35 bloom
36-bloom.jpg36 bloom
37-bloom.jpg37 bloom
38-bloom.jpg38 bloom
39-bloom.jpg39 bloom
4-bloom.jpg4 bloom
40-bloom.jpg40 bloom
41-bloom.jpg41 bloom
42-bloom.jpg42 bloom
43-bloom.jpg43 bloom
44-bloom.jpg44 bloom
45-bloom.jpg45 bloom
46-bloom.jpg46 bloom
47-bloom.jpg47 bloom
48-bloom.jpg48 bloom
49-bloom.jpg49 bloom
5-bloom.jpg5 bloom
50-bloom.jpg50 bloom
51-bloom.jpg51 bloom
52-bloom.jpg52 bloom
53-bloom.jpg53 bloom
54-bloom.jpg54 bloom
55-bloom.jpg55 bloom
56-bloom.jpg56 bloom
57-bloom.jpg57 bloom
6-bloom.jpg6 bloom
7-bloom.jpg7 bloom
8-bloom.jpg8 bloom
9-bloom.jpg9 bloom


Faux leather. 80% PVC, 2% PUC, 18% PES. 50,000 Martindale.

1001-crazy.jpg1001 crazy
1002-crazy.jpg1002 crazy
1003-crazy.jpg1003 crazy
1004-crazy.jpg1004 crazy
1005-crazy.jpg1005 crazy
1006-crazy.jpg1006 crazy
1007-crazy.jpg1007 crazy
1008-crazy.jpg1008 crazy
1009-crazy.jpg1009 crazy
1010-crazy.jpg1010 crazy
1011-crazy.jpg1011 crazy
1012-crazy.jpg1012 crazy
1013-crazy.jpg1013 crazy
1014-crazy.jpg1014 crazy
1015-crazy.jpg1015 crazy


Faux leather. 75% PVC, 2% PU, 22% PES. 60,000 Martindale.

1001-secret.jpg1001 secret
1002-secret.jpg1002 secret
1003-secret.jpg1003 secret
1004-secret1.jpg1004 secret1
1005-secret.jpg1005 secret
1006-secret.jpg1006 secret
1007-secret.jpg1007 secret
1008-secret.jpg1008 secret
1009-secret.jpg1009 secret
1010-secret.jpg1010 secret
1011-secret.jpg1011 secret
1012-secret.jpg1012 secret
1013-secret.jpg1013 secret
1014-secret.jpg1014 secret
1015-secret.jpg1015 secret
1016-secret.jpg1016 secret
1017-secret1.jpg1017 secret1
1018-secret.jpg1018 secret
1019-secret.jpg1019 secret
1020-secret.jpg1020 secret
1021-secret.jpg1021 secret
1022-secret.jpg1022 secret
1023-secret.jpg1023 secret
1024-secret.jpg1024 secret
1025-secret.jpg1025 secret
1026-secret.jpg1026 secret
1027-secret.jpg1027 secret
1028-secret.jpg1028 secret
1029-secret.jpg1029 secret

fabric 2

Angel Combo

100% polypropylene. 50,000 Martindale.

angel-combo-001.jpgangel combo 001
angel-combo-101.jpgangel combo 101
angel-combo-102.jpgangel combo 102
angel-combo-111.jpgangel combo 111
angel-combo-200.jpgangel combo 200
angel-combo-201.jpgangel combo 201
angel-combo-203.jpgangel combo 203
angel-combo-300.jpgangel combo 300
angel-combo-301.jpgangel combo 301
angel-combo-302.jpgangel combo 302
angel-combo-303.jpgangel combo 303
angel-combo-304.jpgangel combo 304
angel-combo-305.jpgangel combo 305
angel-combo-306.jpgangel combo 306
angel-combo-307.jpgangel combo 307
angel-combo-308.jpgangel combo 308
angel-combo-309.jpgangel combo 309
angel-combo-310.jpgangel combo 310
angel-combo-311.jpgangel combo 311
angel-combo-400.jpgangel combo 400
angel-combo-401.jpgangel combo 401
angel-combo-402.jpgangel combo 402
angel-combo-403.jpgangel combo 403
angel-combo-404.jpgangel combo 404
angel-combo-405.jpgangel combo 405
angel-combo-406.jpgangel combo 406
angel-combo-407.jpgangel combo 407
angel-combo-408.jpgangel combo 408
angel-combo-500.jpgangel combo 500
angel-combo-501.jpgangel combo 501
angel-combo-503.jpgangel combo 503
angel-combo-600.jpgangel combo 600
angel-combo-601.jpgangel combo 601
angel-combo-700.jpgangel combo 700
angel-combo-701.jpgangel combo 701
angel-combo-702.jpgangel combo 702
angel-combo-703.jpgangel combo 703
angel-combo-705.jpgangel combo 705
angel-combo-706.jpgangel combo 706
angel-combo-707.jpgangel combo 707
angel-combo-800.jpgangel combo 800
angel-combo-801.jpgangel combo 801
angel-combo-802.jpgangel combo 802
angel-combo-803.jpgangel combo 803
angel-combo-900.jpgangel combo 900
angel-combo-901.jpgangel combo 901

Angel FR

100% polypropylene. 100,000 Martindale.

angel-09.jpgangel 09
angel-14.jpgangel 14
angel-20.jpgangel 20
angel-30.jpgangel 30
angel-35.jpgangel 35
angel-36.jpgangel 36
angel-38.jpgangel 38
angel-39.jpgangel 39
angel-41.jpgangel 41
angel-43.jpgangel 43
angel-45.jpgangel 45
angel-46.jpgangel 46
angel-50.jpgangel 50
angel-53.jpgangel 53
angel-54.jpgangel 54
angel-55.jpgangel 55
angel-56.jpgangel 56
angel-57.jpgangel 57

Angel Jumbo

100% polypropylene. 30,000 Martindale.

angel-jumbo-100.jpgangel jumbo 100
angel-jumbo-111.jpgangel jumbo 111
angel-jumbo-200.jpgangel jumbo 200
angel-jumbo-201.jpgangel jumbo 201
angel-jumbo-300.jpgangel jumbo 300
angel-jumbo-301.jpgangel jumbo 301
angel-jumbo-302.jpgangel jumbo 302
angel-jumbo-303.jpgangel jumbo 303
angel-jumbo-307.jpgangel jumbo 307
angel-jumbo-308.jpgangel jumbo 308
angel-jumbo-400.jpgangel jumbo 400
angel-jumbo-401.jpgangel jumbo 401
angel-jumbo-402.jpgangel jumbo 402
angel-jumbo-403.jpgangel jumbo 403
angel-jumbo-404.jpgangel jumbo 404
angel-jumbo-405.jpgangel jumbo 405
angel-jumbo-406.jpgangel jumbo 406
angel-jumbo-407.jpgangel jumbo 407
angel-jumbo-500.jpgangel jumbo 500
angel-jumbo-504.jpgangel jumbo 504
angel-jumbo-600.jpgangel jumbo 600
angel-jumbo-601.jpgangel jumbo 601
angel-jumbo-700.jpgangel jumbo 700
angel-jumbo-701.jpgangel jumbo 701
angel-jumbo-702.jpgangel jumbo 702
angel-jumbo-706.jpgangel jumbo 706
angel-jumbo-800.jpgangel jumbo 800
angel-jumbo-801.jpgangel jumbo 801
angel-jumbo-802.jpgangel jumbo 802
angel-jumbo-803.jpgangel jumbo 803
angel-jumbo-900.jpgangel jumbo 900
angel-jumbo-904.jpgangel jumbo 904

Angel Trick

100% PP. 50,000 Martindale.

angel-trick-101.jpgangel trick 101
angel-trick-204.jpgangel trick 204
angel-trick-221.jpgangel trick 221
angel-trick-301.jpgangel trick 301
angel-trick-302.jpgangel trick 302
angel-trick-303.jpgangel trick 303
angel-trick-304.jpgangel trick 304
angel-trick-306.jpgangel trick 306
angel-trick-307.jpgangel trick 307
angel-trick-400.jpgangel trick 400
angel-trick-402.jpgangel trick 402
angel-trick-405.jpgangel trick 405
angel-trick-406.jpgangel trick 406
angel-trick-602.jpgangel trick 602
angel-trick-701.jpgangel trick 701
angel-trick-702.jpgangel trick 702
angel-trick-703.jpgangel trick 703
angel-trick-704.jpgangel trick 704
angel-trick-801.jpgangel trick 801
angel-trick-803.jpgangel trick 803
angel-trick-900.jpgangel trick 900


52% polypropylene, 48% polyester. 40,000 Martindale.

caliente-001.jpgcaliente 001
caliente-002.jpgcaliente 002
caliente-003.jpgcaliente 003
caliente-100.jpgcaliente 100
caliente-200.jpgcaliente 200
caliente-307.jpgcaliente 307
caliente-309.jpgcaliente 309
caliente-400.jpgcaliente 400
caliente-405.jpgcaliente 405
caliente-500.jpgcaliente 500
caliente-600.jpgcaliente 600
caliente-602.jpgcaliente 602
caliente-603.jpgcaliente 603
caliente-605.jpgcaliente 605
caliente-700.jpgcaliente 700
caliente-701.jpgcaliente 701
caliente-702.jpgcaliente 702
caliente-703.jpgcaliente 703
caliente-705.jpgcaliente 705
caliente-800.jpgcaliente 800
caliente-801.jpgcaliente 801
caliente-802.jpgcaliente 802
caliente-804.jpgcaliente 804
caliente-900.jpgcaliente 900
caliente-901.jpgcaliente 901
caliente-911.jpgcaliente 911


100% polyester. Linen look. 60,000 Martindale.

1-esedra.jpg1 esedra
10-esedra.jpg10 esedra
11-esedra.jpg11 esedra
12-esedra.jpg12 esedra
13-esedra.jpg13 esedra
14-esedra.jpg14 esedra
15-esedra.jpg15 esedra
16-esedra.jpg16 esedra
17-esedra.jpg17 esedra
18-esedra.jpg18 esedra
19-esedra.jpg19 esedra
2-esedra.jpg2 esedra
20-esedra.jpg20 esedra
21-esedra.jpg21 esedra
22-esedra.jpg22 esedra
23-esedra.jpg23 esedra
24-esedra.jpg24 esedra
25-esedra.jpg25 esedra
26-esedra.jpg26 esedra
27-esedra.jpg27 esedra
28-esedra.jpg28 esedra
29-esedra.jpg29 esedra
3-esedra.jpg3 esedra
30-esedra.jpg30 esedra
31-esedra.jpg31 esedra
32-esedra.jpg32 esedra
33-esedra.jpg33 esedra
34-esedra.jpg34 esedra
35-esedra.jpg35 esedra
36-esedra.jpg36 esedra
37-esedra.jpg37 esedra
38-esedra.jpg38 esedra
39-esedra.jpg39 esedra
4-esedra.jpg4 esedra
5-esedra.jpg5 esedra
6-esedra.jpg6 esedra
7-esedra.jpg7 esedra
8-esedra.jpg8 esedra
9-esedra.jpg9 esedra

fabric 3


Viscose velvet. 55% viscose. 40% cotton. 5% polyester. 40,000 Martindale.

Coco-01-OTTICO.jpgCoco 01 OTTICO
Coco-02-sabbia.jpgCoco 02 sabbia
Coco-03-beige.jpgCoco 03 beige
Coco-04-bronzo.jpgCoco 04 bronzo
Coco-05-oro.jpgCoco 05 oro
Coco-06-ocra.jpgCoco 06 ocra
Coco-07-arancio.jpgCoco 07 arancio
Coco-08-ruggine.jpgCoco 08 ruggine
Coco-09-rosso.jpgCoco 09 rosso
Coco-10-bordeaux.jpgCoco 10 bordeaux
Coco-11-fuxia.jpgCoco 11 fuxia
Coco-12-lilla.jpgCoco 12 lilla
Coco-13-viola.jpgCoco 13 viola
Coco-14-rosa.jpgCoco 14 rosa
Coco-15-prugna.jpgCoco 15 prugna
Coco-16-marrone.jpgCoco 16 marrone
Coco-17-visone.jpgCoco 17 visone
Coco-18-pistacchio.jpgCoco 18 pistacchio
Coco-19-muschio.jpgCoco 19 muschio
Coco-20-oliva.jpgCoco 20 oliva
Coco-21-Cielo.jpgCoco 21 Cielo
Coco-22-navy.jpgCoco 22 navy
Coco-23-perla.jpgCoco 23 perla
Coco-24-PIOMBO.jpgCoco 24 PIOMBO
Coco-25-nero.jpgCoco 25 nero
Coco-26-ECRU.jpgCoco 26 ECRU


100% polyester with a chenille look. Martindale 45,000.

200-hot.jpg200 hot
202-hot.jpg202 hot
203-hot.jpg203 hot
204-hot.jpg204 hot
205-hot.jpg205 hot
206-hot.jpg206 hot
208-hot.jpg208 hot
209-hot.jpg209 hot
210-hot.jpg210 hot
211-hot.jpg211 hot
214-hot.jpg214 hot
215-hot.jpg215 hot
217-hot.jpg217 hot
218-hot.jpg218 hot
220-hot.jpg220 hot
224-hot.jpg224 hot
225-hot.jpg225 hot
227-hot.jpg227 hot
228-hot.jpg228 hot
229-hot.jpg229 hot
230-hot.jpg230 hot
231-hot.jpg231 hot
232-hot.jpg232 hot
233-hot.jpg233 hot
234-hot.jpg234 hot
235-hot.jpg235 hot
236-hot.jpg236 hot
238-hot.jpg238 hot
240-hot.jpg240 hot
241-hot.jpg241 hot
244-hot.jpg244 hot
245-hot.jpg245 hot
246-hot.jpg246 hot
249-hot.jpg249 hot
250-hot.jpg250 hot
251-hot.jpg251 hot
252-hot.jpg252 hot
253-hot.jpg253 hot
254-hot.jpg254 hot
255-hot.jpg255 hot
264-hot.jpg264 hot
289-hot.jpg289 hot

Natur Wool

80% WO, 20% PA. 100,000 Martindale.

natur-wool-02.jpgnatur wool 02
natur-wool-03.jpgnatur wool 03
natur-wool-04.jpgnatur wool 04
natur-wool-05.jpgnatur wool 05
natur-wool-06.jpgnatur wool 06
natur-wool-07.jpgnatur wool 07
natur-wool-08.jpgnatur wool 08
natur-wool-09.jpgnatur wool 09
natur-wool-10.jpgnatur wool 10
natur-wool-100.jpgnatur wool 100
natur-wool-101p.jpgnatur wool 101p
natur-wool-105p.jpgnatur wool 105p
natur-wool-11.jpgnatur wool 11
natur-wool-12.jpgnatur wool 12
natur-wool-13.jpgnatur wool 13
natur-wool-14.jpgnatur wool 14
natur-wool-15.jpgnatur wool 15
natur-wool-16.jpgnatur wool 16
natur-wool-17.jpgnatur wool 17
natur-wool-309p.jpgnatur wool 309p
natur-wool-400p.jpgnatur wool 400p
natur-wool-406p.jpgnatur wool 406p
natur-wool-503p.jpgnatur wool 503p
natur-wool-700p.jpgnatur wool 700p
natur-wool-707p.jpgnatur wool 707p
natur-wool-800p.jpgnatur wool 800p
natur-wool-807p.jpgnatur wool 807p
natur-wool-900p.jpgnatur wool 900p

Nord Wool

70% WO, 30% PES. 100,000 Martindale.

nord-wool-001.jpgnord wool 001
nord-wool-002.jpgnord wool 002
nord-wool-003.jpgnord wool 003
nord-wool-200.jpgnord wool 200
nord-wool-201.jpgnord wool 201
nord-wool-300.jpgnord wool 300
nord-wool-302.jpgnord wool 302
nord-wool-303.jpgnord wool 303
nord-wool-306.jpgnord wool 306
nord-wool-401.jpgnord wool 401
nord-wool-402.jpgnord wool 402
nord-wool-403.jpgnord wool 403
nord-wool-404.jpgnord wool 404
nord-wool-405.jpgnord wool 405
nord-wool-406.jpgnord wool 406
nord-wool-502.jpgnord wool 502
nord-wool-600.jpgnord wool 600
nord-wool-701.jpgnord wool 701
nord-wool-702.jpgnord wool 702
nord-wool-801.jpgnord wool 801
nord-wool-802.jpgnord wool 802
nord-wool-ov003.jpgnord wool ov003
nord-wool-ov006.jpgnord wool ov006
nord-wool-ov007.jpgnord wool ov007
nord-wool-ov100.jpgnord wool ov100
nord-wool-ov200.jpgnord wool ov200
nord-wool-ov300.jpgnord wool ov300
nord-wool-ov702.jpgnord wool ov702
nord-wool-ov703.jpgnord wool ov703
nord-wool-ov704.jpgnord wool ov704
nord-wool-ov802.jpgnord wool ov802


Velvet. 100% polyester. 60,000 Martindale.

101-superb.jpg101 superb
103-superb.jpg103 superb
104-superb.jpg104 superb
105-superb.jpg105 superb
106-superb.jpg106 superb
107-superb.jpg107 superb
108-superb.jpg108 superb
109-superb.jpg109 superb
110-superb.jpg110 superb
111-superb.jpg111 superb
112-superb.jpg112 superb
113-superb.jpg113 superb
114-superb.jpg114 superb
115-superb.jpg115 superb
116-superb.jpg116 superb
117-superb.jpg117 superb
118-superb.jpg118 superb
119-superb.jpg119 superb
120-superb.jpg120 superb
121-superb.jpg121 superb
122-superb.jpg122 superb
123-superb.jpg123 superb
124-superb.jpg124 superb
125-superb.jpg125 superb
126-superb.jpg126 superb
127-superb.jpg127 superb
128-superb.jpg128 superb
129-superb.jpg129 superb
130-superb.jpg130 superb
131-superb.jpg131 superb
132-superb.jpg132 superb
133-superb.jpg133 superb
134-superb.jpg134 superb
135-superb.jpg135 superb
136-superb.jpg136 superb
137-superb.jpg137 superb
138-superb.jpg138 superb
139-superb.jpg139 superb
140-superb.jpg140 superb
141-superb.jpg141 superb
142-superb.jpg142 superb
143-superb.jpg143 superb
144-superb.jpg144 superb
145-superb.jpg145 superb
146-superb.jpg146 superb
147-superb.jpg147 superb
148-superb.jpg148 superb
149-superb.jpg149 superb
150-superb.jpg150 superb
151-superb.jpg151 superb
152-superb.jpg152 superb
153-superb.jpg153 superb

fabric 4

Extrema AU

Faux leather. 63% PU, 29% COT, 8% PES. 150,000 Martindale.

1050-extrema-au.jpg1050 extrema au
1150-extrema-au.jpg1150 extrema au
1250-extrema-au.jpg1250 extrema au
1350-extrema-au.jpg1350 extrema au
1450-extrema-au.jpg1450 extrema au
150-extrema-au.jpg150 extrema au
1550-extrema-au.jpg1550 extrema au
1650-extrema-au.jpg1650 extrema au
1750-extrema-au.jpg1750 extrema au
1850-extrema-au.jpg1850 extrema au
1950-extrema-au.jpg1950 extrema au
2050-extrema-au.jpg2050 extrema au
2150-extrema-au.jpg2150 extrema au
2250-extrema-au.jpg2250 extrema au
2350-extrema-au.jpg2350 extrema au
2450-extrema-au.jpg2450 extrema au
250-extrema-au.jpg250 extrema au
2550-extrema-au.jpg2550 extrema au
2650-extrema-au.jpg2650 extrema au
2750-extrema-au.jpg2750 extrema au
2850-extrema-au.jpg2850 extrema au
2950-extrema-au.jpg2950 extrema au
3050-extrema-au.jpg3050 extrema au
3150-extrema-au.jpg3150 extrema au
3250-extrema-au.jpg3250 extrema au
3350-extrema-au.jpg3350 extrema au
3450-extrema-au.jpg3450 extrema au
350-extrema-au.jpg350 extrema au
3550-extrema-au.jpg3550 extrema au
3650-extrema-au.jpg3650 extrema au
3750-extrema-au.jpg3750 extrema au
3850-extrema-au.jpg3850 extrema au
3950-extrema-au.jpg3950 extrema au
4050-extrema-au.jpg4050 extrema au
4150-extrema-au.jpg4150 extrema au
4250-extrema-au.jpg4250 extrema au
4350-extrema-au.jpg4350 extrema au
4450-extrema-au.jpg4450 extrema au
450-extrema-au.jpg450 extrema au
4550-extrema-au.jpg4550 extrema au
4650-extrema-au.jpg4650 extrema au
4750-extrema-au.jpg4750 extrema au
4850-extrema-au.jpg4850 extrema au
550-extrema-au.jpg550 extrema au
650-extrema-au.jpg650 extrema au
750-extrema-au.jpg750 extrema au
850-extrema-au.jpg850 extrema au
950-extrema-au.jpg950 extrema au