Sled Base Stacking Chair

Larkin Sled Base Stacking Chair

Sled base stacking chair. Polished chrome wire frame. Shell in natural beechwood, stained wood, matte lacquer or upholstered. Stacks 6 high. Wood on back of chair revealed with upholstered version.




Height: 31½"
Depth: 21"
Width: 20"
Seat Height: 18¼"
Weight: 13 lbs.

COM: 1.3 yds.
COL: 24 sq. ft.


COM $1,596
COL $1,646
Beechwood, Stain or Matte Lacquer $1,153
Fabric 1 $1,347
Fabric 2 $1,397
Fabric 3 $1,464
Fabric 4 $1,545
Leather 1 $1,812


Oak shell- $20. Black or white powder coated frame - $201.

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