Stackable Armchair

Otto Stackable Armchair

Stackable armchair with round tubular steel base finished with polished chrome (standard), white or black lacquer finish. Seat and back upholstered with fabric or leather.




Height: 30¼"
Depth: 20¾"
Width: 23¼"
Seat Height: 19"
Arm Height: 25¼"
Weight: 15 lbs.

COM: 0.9 yds.
COL: 17 sq. ft.


COM $755
COL $805
Fabric 1 $653
Fabric 2 $754
Fabric 3 $857
Leather 1 $754


Lacquered frame finishes - $29.


fabric 1


angel 1801.jpg
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synthetic leather 0934.jpg
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synthetic leather 1028.jpg
synthetic leather 1154.jpg
synthetic leather 1198.jpg
synthetic leather 1767.jpg
synthetic leather 1768.jpg
synthetic leather 1769.jpg

fabric 2


europost 0885.jpg
europost 0968.jpg
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europost 1770.jpg


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tiba 1791.jpg

fabric 3


country 1792.jpg
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country 1800.jpg


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lucerna 1811.jpg

leather 1

Soft Unito

soft unito 0189.jpg
soft unito 0415.jpg
soft unito 0518.jpg
soft unito 0643.jpg
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soft unito 0739.jpg
soft unito 0753.jpg
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