Tulip Base Armchair

Era Tulip Base Armchair

Armchair. Stainless steel tulip base with brushed finish. Shell in polypropylene with polished back and embossed anti-slip treatment on front. Optional partial upholstery of front of shell, or optional complete upholstery of shell. Various upholstery patterns including flat (standard), fountain, channel, droplet or dots. Indoor/outdoor




Height: 31¼"
Depth: 21¼"
Width: 18¼"
Seat Height: 17"
Arm Height: 25½"
Weight: 14 lbs.

COM: 0.6 yds.
COL: 11 sq. ft.



Polypropylene $1,086
COM/COL Fully Upholstered $1,412
Fabric 1 Fully Upholstered $1,370
Fabric 2 Fully Upholstered $1,399
Fabric 3 Fully Upholstered $1,423
Fabric 4 Fully Upholstered $1,456
Leather 1 Fully Upholstered $1,527
COM/COL Partial Upholstered $1,688
Fabric 1 Partial Upholstered $1,248
Fabric 2 Partial Upholstered $1,295
Fabric 3 Partial Upholstered $1,329
Fabric 4 Partial Upholstered $1,389
Leather 1 Partial Upholstered $1,607


Minimum order of 4. Partial fountain upholstery pattern + $48. Total fountain upholstery + $76. Partial channel upholstered +$79. Total channel upholstery +86. Partial drops upholstered +$84. Total drops upholstered +$88. Partial dotted upholstered +$371. Total drops upholstered +$416. Folding black HPL tablet with arm fitting - $260. Matching arm upholstery - $85.

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