Malik Gallery Collection

Tugendhat Tubular Armchair

Tugendhat Tubular Armchair


Tubular chrome armchair with an upholstered seat and back. Wooden inner frame with polyurethane foam. Elastic seat suspension.




Height: 31½"
Depth: 24"
Width: 21¾"
Seat Height: 19¼"
Arm Height: 26¼"
Weight: 29 lbs.


COM $1,643
COL $1,643
Leather 1 $1,345
Leather 2 $1,546
Leather 3 $1,760
COL Quick Ship

Malik Gallery Collection

Tugendhat Tubular Armchair



leather 1

lf-sl-1535_bright_white.jpglf sl 1535 bright white
lf-sl-1610_sand_yellow.jpglf sl 1610 sand yellow
lf-sl-5988_bordeaux.jpglf sl 5988 bordeaux
lf-sl-6203_testa_di_moro.jpglf sl 6203 testa di moro
lf-sl-6958_tomato_red.jpglf sl 6958 tomato red
lf-sl-7127_olive_brown.jpglf sl 7127 olive brown
lf-sl-7491_panna.jpglf sl 7491 panna
lf-sl-7972_brick_red.jpglf sl 7972 brick red
lf-sl-8816_midnight_blue.jpglf sl 8816 midnight blue
lf-sl-9992-black.jpglf sl 9992 black
lf-sl-A428-light-beige.jpglf sl A428 light beige
lf-sl-a133_LV_tan.jpglf sl a133 LV tan
lf-sl-a460_crema.jpglf sl a460 crema
lf-sl-d774_lichen_green.jpglf sl d774 lichen green
lf-sl-e775_black_green.jpglf sl e775 black green

leather 2

lf-ml-0001-white-out.jpglf ml 0001 white out
lf-ml-17012.jpglf ml 17012
lf-ml-530056.jpglf ml 530056
lf-ml-530058.jpglf ml 530058
lf-ml-530059.jpglf ml 530059
lf-ml-530060.jpglf ml 530060
lf-ml-62550.jpglf ml 62550
lf-ml-740023.jpglf ml 740023
lf-ml-77552.jpglf ml 77552
lf-ml-80326.jpglf ml 80326
lf-ml-a219-ivory.jpglf ml a219 ivory
lf-ml-a285-real-cream.jpglf ml a285 real cream
lf_ml 5279-testa-di-moro.jpglf ml 5279 testa di moro
lf_ml 7987-claret-violet.jpglf ml 7987 claret violet
lf_ml 7996-bistecca-red.jpglf ml 7996 bistecca red
lf_ml a433-fawn-brown.jpglf ml a433 fawn brown
lf_ml a442-concrete-beige.jpglf ml a442 concrete beige

leather 3

lf-pl-20-oyster-white.jpglf pl 20 oyster white
lf-pl-200.jpglf pl 200
lf-pl-20018.jpglf pl 20018
lf-pl-20019.jpglf pl 20019
lf-pl-2101.jpglf pl 2101
lf-pl-244.jpglf pl 244
lf-pl-286.jpglf pl 286
lf-pl-360-crema.jpglf pl 360 crema
lf-pl-390-cement.jpglf pl 390 cement
lf-pl-40448.jpglf pl 40448
lf-pl-410-tabacco.jpglf pl 410 tabacco
lf-pl-420-camel.jpglf pl 420 camel
lf-pl-5001-white-out.jpglf pl 5001 white out
lf-pl-530-hunter-green.jpglf pl 530 hunter green
lf-pl-530442.jpglf pl 530442
lf-pl-53737-coffee-ice-cream.jpglf pl 53737 coffee ice cream
lf-pl-53738-parchment.jpglf pl 53738 parchment
lf-pl-53739-ivory.jpglf pl 53739 ivory
lf-pl-53773-buff.jpglf pl 53773 buff
lf-pl-56323-tan.jpglf pl 56323 tan
lf-pl-62364-little-red-wagon.jpglf pl 62364 little red wagon
lf-pl-65147.jpglf pl 65147
lf-pl-74625-saddle.jpglf pl 74625 saddle
lf-pl-74626-darkest-chocolate.jpglf pl 74626 darkest chocolate
lf-pl-77440-anthracite.jpglf pl 77440 anthracite
lf-pl-80224-wiemereiner.jpglf pl 80224 wiemereiner
lf-pl-80225-battleship.jpglf pl 80225 battleship
lf-pl-80226-concrete.jpglf pl 80226 concrete
lf-pl-89001-black.jpglf pl 89001 black
lf-pl-prugna-plum-71048.jpglf pl prugna plum 71048
lf-pl249.jpglf pl249
Malik Gallery Collection

Tugendhat Tubular Armchair


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

(1886 - 1969) Famous for his motto "Less is More", Ludwig Mies van der Rohe attempted to create contemplative, neutral spaces through an architecture based material honesty and structural integrity. He developed a design approach based on Prussian Classicism. Mies was a strong advocate and a leader of the Bauhaus Philosophy.