Malik Gallery Collection

Side Chair

Side Chair


Sled base side chair. Metal reinforced frame with belts and padding cold molded fire retardant polyurethane foam. Upholstered seat and back. Base in tubular steel finished with RAL 9003 black or RAL 9005 white varnish (standard) or polished chrome.




Height: 31¼"
Depth: 20½"
Width: 21"
Seat Height: 20"
Weight: 22 lbs.


COM $1,410
COL $1,692
Fabric 1 $1,207
Fabric 2 $1,243
Leather 1 $1,512
Leather 2 $1,731

Malik Gallery Collection

Side Chair





fabric 1

urban plus

Urban-Plus-Avenue-YN148.jpgUrban Plus Avenue YN148
Urban-Plus-Bedsit-YN158.jpgUrban Plus Bedsit YN158
Urban-Plus-Bench-YN091.jpgUrban Plus Bench YN091
Urban-Plus-Boulevard-YN160.jpgUrban Plus Boulevard YN160
Urban-Plus-Congestion-YN079.jpgUrban Plus Congestion YN079
Urban-Plus-Conurbation-YN082.jpgUrban Plus Conurbation YN082
Urban-Plus-Cosmopolitan-YN203.jpgUrban Plus Cosmopolitan YN203
Urban-Plus-Curb-YN206.jpgUrban Plus Curb YN206
Urban-Plus-District-YN212.jpgUrban Plus District YN212
Urban-Plus-Downtown-YN190.jpgUrban Plus Downtown YN190
Urban-Plus-Freeway-YN211.jpgUrban Plus Freeway YN211
Urban-Plus-Highrise-YN076.jpgUrban Plus Highrise YN076
Urban-Plus-Innercity-YN086.jpgUrban Plus Innercity YN086
Urban-Plus-Intersection-YN205.jpgUrban Plus Intersection YN205
Urban-Plus-Junction-YN083.jpgUrban Plus Junction YN083
Urban-Plus-Living-YN108.jpgUrban Plus Living YN108
Urban-Plus-Loft-YN201.jpgUrban Plus Loft YN201
Urban-Plus-Nightowl-YN210.jpgUrban Plus Nightowl YN210
Urban-Plus-Penthouse-YN202.jpgUrban Plus Penthouse YN202
Urban-Plus-Precinct-YN027.jpgUrban Plus Precinct YN027
Urban-Plus-Ringroad-YN208.jpgUrban Plus Ringroad YN208
Urban-Plus-Sidewalk-YN094.jpgUrban Plus Sidewalk YN094
Urban-Plus-Square-YN207.jpgUrban Plus Square YN207
Urban-Plus-Streetsmart-YN209.jpgUrban Plus Streetsmart YN209
Urban-Plus-Suburbia-YN159.jpgUrban Plus Suburbia YN159
Urban-Plus-Subway-YN009.jpgUrban Plus Subway YN009
Urban-Plus-Underground-YN1456.jpgUrban Plus Underground YN1456
Urban-Plus-Uptown-YN200.jpgUrban Plus Uptown YN200

xtreme plus

Xtreme-Plus-Adobo-YS165.jpgXtreme Plus Adobo YS165
Xtreme-Plus-Anguilla-YS169.jpgXtreme Plus Anguilla YS169
Xtreme-Plus-Apple-YS096.jpgXtreme Plus Apple YS096
Xtreme-Plus-Appledore-YS077.jpgXtreme Plus Appledore YS077
Xtreme-Plus-Arawak-YS016.jpgXtreme Plus Arawak YS016
Xtreme-Plus-Arecibo-YS174.jpgXtreme Plus Arecibo YS174
Xtreme-Plus-Aruba-YS108.jpgXtreme Plus Aruba YS108
Xtreme-Plus-Blizzard-YS081.jpgXtreme Plus Blizzard YS081
Xtreme-Plus-Bluebell-YS097.jpgXtreme Plus Bluebell YS097
Xtreme-Plus-Bluefield-YS021.jpgXtreme Plus Bluefield YS021
Xtreme-Plus-Bounty-YS086.jpgXtreme Plus Bounty YS086
Xtreme-Plus-Buru-YS170.jpgXtreme Plus Buru YS170
Xtreme-Plus-Calypso-YS106.jpgXtreme Plus Calypso YS106
Xtreme-Plus-Campeche-YS074.jpgXtreme Plus Campeche YS074
Xtreme-Plus-Cayman-YS024.jpgXtreme Plus Cayman YS024
Xtreme-Plus-Costa-YS026.jpgXtreme Plus Costa YS026
Xtreme-Plus-Curacao-YS005.jpgXtreme Plus Curacao YS005
Xtreme-Plus-Diablo-YS101.jpgXtreme Plus Diablo YS101
Xtreme-Plus-Flores-YS161.jpgXtreme Plus Flores YS161
Xtreme-Plus-Havanna-YS009.jpgXtreme Plus Havanna YS009
Xtreme-Plus-Honeymoon-YS035.jpgXtreme Plus Honeymoon YS035
Xtreme-Plus-Jamaica-YS027.jpgXtreme Plus Jamaica YS027
Xtreme-Plus-Leeward-YS164.jpgXtreme Plus Leeward YS164
Xtreme-Plus-Lobster-YS076.jpgXtreme Plus Lobster YS076
Xtreme-Plus-Lombok-YS159.jpgXtreme Plus Lombok YS159
Xtreme-Plus-Madura-YS156.jpgXtreme Plus Madura YS156
Xtreme-Plus-Manado-YS166.jpgXtreme Plus Manado YS166
Xtreme-Plus-Marianna-YS157.jpgXtreme Plus Marianna YS157
Xtreme-Plus-Martinique-YS004.jpgXtreme Plus Martinique YS004
Xtreme-Plus-Mauve-YS069.jpgXtreme Plus Mauve YS069
Xtreme-Plus-Monrserrat-YS011.jpgXtreme Plus Monrserrat YS011
Xtreme-Plus-Nougat-YS091.jpgXtreme Plus Nougat YS091
Xtreme-Plus-Ocean-YS100.jpgXtreme Plus Ocean YS100
Xtreme-Plus-Orchilla-YS167.jpgXtreme Plus Orchilla YS167
Xtreme-Plus-Osumi-YS171.jpgXtreme Plus Osumi YS171
Xtreme-Plus-Panama-YS079.jpgXtreme Plus Panama YS079
Xtreme-Plus-Parasol-YS073.jpgXtreme Plus Parasol YS073
Xtreme-Plus-Pedang-YS145.jpgXtreme Plus Pedang YS145
Xtreme-Plus-Rum-YS173.jpgXtreme Plus Rum YS173
Xtreme-Plus-Scuba-YS082.jpgXtreme Plus Scuba YS082
Xtreme-Plus-Slip-YS094.jpgXtreme Plus Slip YS094
Xtreme-Plus-Solano-YS072.jpgXtreme Plus Solano YS072
Xtreme-Plus-Sombrero-YS046.jpgXtreme Plus Sombrero YS046
Xtreme-Plus-Steel-YS095.jpgXtreme Plus Steel YS095
Xtreme-Plus-Taboo-YS045.jpgXtreme Plus Taboo YS045
Xtreme-Plus-Tarot-YS084.jpgXtreme Plus Tarot YS084
Xtreme-Plus-Tobago-YS030.jpgXtreme Plus Tobago YS030
Xtreme-Plus-Tokara-YS136.jpgXtreme Plus Tokara YS136
Xtreme-Plus-Tortuga-YS168.jpgXtreme Plus Tortuga YS168
Xtreme-Plus-Twister-YS083.jpgXtreme Plus Twister YS083
Xtreme-Plus-Windjammer-YS047.jpgXtreme Plus Windjammer YS047

fabric 2


Fame-60005.jpgFame 60005
Fame-60017.jpgFame 60017
Fame-60019.jpgFame 60019
Fame-60078.jpgFame 60078
Fame-60551.jpgFame 60551
Fame-60999.jpgFame 60999
Fame-61003.jpgFame 61003
Fame-61044.jpgFame 61044
Fame-61060.jpgFame 61060
Fame-61131.jpgFame 61131
Fame-61134.jpgFame 61134
Fame-61135.jpgFame 61135
Fame-61136.jpgFame 61136
Fame-62067.jpgFame 62067
Fame-62068.jpgFame 62068
Fame-63016.jpgFame 63016
Fame-63076.jpgFame 63076
Fame-64055.jpgFame 64055
Fame-64058.jpgFame 64058
Fame-64089.jpgFame 64089
Fame-64119.jpgFame 64119
Fame-64168.jpgFame 64168
Fame-64169.jpgFame 64169
Fame-65081.jpgFame 65081
Fame-65082.jpgFame 65082
Fame-66005.jpgFame 66005
Fame-66032.jpgFame 66032
Fame-66061.jpgFame 66061
Fame-66071.jpgFame 66071
Fame-66118.jpgFame 66118
Fame-66130.jpgFame 66130
Fame-66131.jpgFame 66131
Fame-66133.jpgFame 66133
Fame-67004.jpgFame 67004
Fame-67005.jpgFame 67005
Fame-67016.jpgFame 67016
Fame-67067.jpgFame 67067
Fame-67068.jpgFame 67068
Fame-67069.jpgFame 67069
Fame-68004.jpgFame 68004
Fame-68035.jpgFame 68035
Fame-68143.jpgFame 68143
Fame-68144.jpgFame 68144
Fame-68145.jpgFame 68145
Fame-68146.jpgFame 68146
Fame-68147.jpgFame 68147
Fame-68148.jpgFame 68148

leather 1


onda acqua on0422.jpgonda acqua on0422
onda allium on0435.jpgonda allium on0435
onda arancio on0412.jpgonda arancio on0412
onda bear on0437.jpgonda bear on0437
onda beige on0402.jpgonda beige on0402
onda beige on0406.jpgonda beige on0406
onda bianco on0401.jpgonda bianco on0401
onda biscuit on0434.jpgonda biscuit on0434
onda bordeaux on0416.jpgonda bordeaux on0416
onda brown on0413.jpgonda brown on0413
onda burgundy on0419.jpgonda burgundy on0419
onda cloudy on0438.jpgonda cloudy on0438
onda crema on0405.jpgonda crema on0405
onda denim on0440.jpgonda denim on0440
onda desert on0431.jpgonda desert on0431
onda donkey on0436.jpgonda donkey on0436
onda electric blue on0441.jpgonda electric blue on0441
onda fango on0407.jpgonda fango on0407
onda fumo on0408.jpgonda fumo on0408
onda ghiaccio on0404.jpgonda ghiaccio on0404
onda giallo on0409.jpgonda giallo on0409
onda gray on0424.jpgonda gray on0424
onda green on0425.jpgonda green on0425
onda lemon on0430.jpgonda lemon on0430
onda marroncino on0410.jpgonda marroncino on0410
onda military on0446.jpgonda military on0446
onda milk on0427.jpgonda milk on0427
onda nero on0423.jpgonda nero on0423
onda panna on0403.jpgonda panna on0403
onda red on0417.jpgonda red on0417
onda sahara on0432.jpgonda sahara on0432
onda sandy on0429.jpgonda sandy on0429
onda sky on 0439.jpgonda sky on 0439
onda terracotta on0414.jpgonda terracotta on0414
onda testa di moro on0420.jpgonda testa di moro on0420
onda topo on0421.jpgonda topo on0421
onda vanilla on0428.jpgonda vanilla on0428
onda vitamin on0433.jpgonda vitamin on0433
onda wool on0447.jpgonda wool on0447
onda-nocciola on0411.jpgonda nocciola on0411

leather 2


vita ash V16026.jpgvita ash V16026
vita brandy v16007.jpgvita brandy v16007
vita butterfly V16002.jpgvita butterfly V16002
vita cappuccino v16005.jpgvita cappuccino v16005
vita heavy v16027.jpgvita heavy v16027
vita ice cream V16003.jpgvita ice cream V16003
vita jade v16025.jpgvita jade v16025
vita jungle v16022.jpgvita jungle v16022
vita lipstick v16013.jpgvita lipstick v16013
vita moka v16016.jpgvita moka v16016
vita moro di venezia v16017.jpgvita moro di venezia v16017
vita neve V16000.jpgvita neve V16000
vita onyx v16029.jpgvita onyx v16029
vita oxblood v16014.jpgvita oxblood v16014
vita praline v16010.jpgvita praline v16010
vita siena v16008.jpgvita siena v16008
vita storm v16028.jpgvita storm v16028
vita tabac v161011.jpgvita tabac v161011
vita tuscany v16006.jpgvita tuscany v16006