Malik Gallery Collection

Two Seat Bench

Two Seat Bench


Two seat bench. Frame in solid wood and plywood. Belts and polyurethane foam covered in fiber wadding. Fixed cover in fabric or leather. Tubular steel feet black varnished (standard) or chrome plated.




Height: 18½"
Depth: 23¾"
Width: 58"
Weight: 31 lbs.


COM $4,661
COL $5,008
Fabric 1 $3,867
Fabric 2 $3,964
Fabric 3 $4,062
Fabric 4 $4,208
Fabric 5 $4,354
Fabric 6 $4,549
Leather 1 $4,830
Leather 2 $4,370
Leather 3 $5,784

Malik Gallery Collection

Two Seat Bench



fabric 1


100% recycled polyester. 100,000 Martindale.

first-fl0001.jpgfirst fl0001
first-fl1006.jpgfirst fl1006
first-fl1506.jpgfirst fl1506
first-fl2007.jpgfirst fl2007
first-fl2519.jpgfirst fl2519
first-fl3330.jpgfirst fl3330
first-fl4028.jpgfirst fl4028
first-fl4030.jpgfirst fl4030
first-fl4066.jpgfirst fl4066
first-fl4503.jpgfirst fl4503
first-fl4528.jpgfirst fl4528
first-fl4566.jpgfirst fl4566
first-fl6017.jpgfirst fl6017
first-fl6515.jpgfirst fl6515
first-fl6591.jpgfirst fl6591
first-fl7022.jpgfirst fl7022
first-fl7029.jpgfirst fl7029
first-fl7033.jpgfirst fl7033
first-fl7504.jpgfirst fl7504
first-fl7521.jpgfirst fl7521
first-fl7526.jpgfirst fl7526
first-fl8003.jpgfirst fl8003
first-fl8004.jpgfirst fl8004
first-fl8504.jpgfirst fl8504
first-fl8532.jpgfirst fl8532


100% polyester Trevira CS. 65,000 Martindale.

jason-ja0001.jpgjason ja0001
jason-ja1001.jpgjason ja1001
jason-ja2010.jpgjason ja2010
jason-ja2012.jpgjason ja2012
jason-ja2024.jpgjason ja2024
jason-ja3019.jpgjason ja3019
jason-ja3030.jpgjason ja3030
jason-ja3090.jpgjason ja3090
jason-ja4007.jpgjason ja4007
jason-ja4018.jpgjason ja4018
jason-ja4027.jpgjason ja4027
jason-ja4051.jpgjason ja4051
jason-ja6007.jpgjason ja6007
jason-ja6013.jpgjason ja6013
jason-ja6014.jpgjason ja6014
jason-ja6056.jpgjason ja6056
jason-ja6091.jpgjason ja6091
jason-ja6095.jpgjason ja6095
jason-ja6098.jpgjason ja6098
jason-ja7014.jpgjason ja7014
jason-ja7025.jpgjason ja7025
jason-ja7041.jpgjason ja7041
jason-ja8009.jpgjason ja8009
jason-ja8017.jpgjason ja8017
jason-ja8033.jpgjason ja8033
jason-ja9108.jpgjason ja9108
jason-ja9401.jpgjason ja9401
jason-ja9704.jpgjason ja9704
jason-ja9805.jpgjason ja9805
jason-ja9806.jpgjason ja9806


76% PVC, 2% PU, 22 % PES. 60,000 Martindale.

sagreto-se1001.jpgsagreto se1001
sagreto-se1002.jpgsagreto se1002
sagreto-se1006.jpgsagreto se1006
sagreto-se1008.jpgsagreto se1008
sagreto-se1009.jpgsagreto se1009
sagreto-se1012.jpgsagreto se1012
sagreto-se1014.jpgsagreto se1014
sagreto-se1015.jpgsagreto se1015
sagreto-se1016.jpgsagreto se1016
sagreto-se1017.jpgsagreto se1017
sagreto-se1019.jpgsagreto se1019
sagreto-se1021.jpgsagreto se1021
sagreto-se1023.jpgsagreto se1023
sagreto-se1026.jpgsagreto se1026
sagreto-se1027.jpgsagreto se1027
sagreto-se1028.jpgsagreto se1028
sagreto-se1030.jpgsagreto se1030
sagreto-se1031.jpgsagreto se1031
sagreto-se1033.jpgsagreto se1033
sagreto-se1035.jpgsagreto se1035

fabric 2


100% recycled flame retardant polyester. >100,000 Martindale.

Camira-Urban-YN009.jpgCamira Urban YN009
Camira-Urban-YN027.jpgCamira Urban YN027
Camira-Urban-YN076.jpgCamira Urban YN076
Camira-Urban-YN079.jpgCamira Urban YN079
Camira-Urban-YN082.jpgCamira Urban YN082
Camira-Urban-YN083.jpgCamira Urban YN083
Camira-Urban-YN091.jpgCamira Urban YN091
Camira-Urban-YN094.jpgCamira Urban YN094
Camira-Urban-YN108.jpgCamira Urban YN108
Camira-Urban-YN145.jpgCamira Urban YN145
Camira-Urban-YN148.jpgCamira Urban YN148
Camira-Urban-YN159.jpgCamira Urban YN159
Camira-Urban-YN160.jpgCamira Urban YN160
Camira-Urban-YN200.jpgCamira Urban YN200
Camira-Urban-YN202.jpgCamira Urban YN202
Camira-Urban-YN203.jpgCamira Urban YN203
Camira-Urban-YN204.jpgCamira Urban YN204
Camira-Urban-YN205.jpgCamira Urban YN205
Camira-Urban-YN206.jpgCamira Urban YN206
Camira-Urban-YN207.jpgCamira Urban YN207
Camira-Urban-YN208.jpgCamira Urban YN208
Camira-Urban-YN209.jpgCamira Urban YN209
Camira-Urban-YN210.jpgCamira Urban YN210
Camira-Urban-YN211.jpgCamira Urban YN211
Camira-Urban-YN212.jpgCamira Urban YN212


100% polyester Trevira CS. 150,000 Martindale.

Laser 0001.jpgLaser 0001
Laser 1003.jpgLaser 1003
Laser 1049.jpgLaser 1049
Laser 2036.jpgLaser 2036
Laser 2048.jpgLaser 2048
Laser 3009.jpgLaser 3009
Laser 3012.jpgLaser 3012
Laser 3081.jpgLaser 3081
Laser 3082.jpgLaser 3082
Laser 4017.jpgLaser 4017
Laser 4021.jpgLaser 4021
Laser 4073.jpgLaser 4073
Laser 4079.jpgLaser 4079
Laser 5003.jpgLaser 5003
Laser 6020.jpgLaser 6020
Laser 6071.jpgLaser 6071
Laser 6075.jpgLaser 6075
Laser 6098.jpgLaser 6098
Laser 7014.jpgLaser 7014
Laser 7021.jpgLaser 7021
Laser 8006.jpgLaser 8006
Laser 8015.jpgLaser 8015
Laser 8017.jpgLaser 8017
Laser 8027.jpgLaser 8027
Laser 8033.jpgLaser 8033


100% polyester Trevira CS. 80,000 Martindale.

Milo 9000.jpgMilo 9000
Milo 9101.jpgMilo 9101
Milo 9106.jpgMilo 9106
Milo 9210.jpgMilo 9210
Milo 9212.jpgMilo 9212
Milo 9224.jpgMilo 9224
Milo 9330.jpgMilo 9330
Milo 9390.jpgMilo 9390
Milo 9407.jpgMilo 9407
Milo 9418.jpgMilo 9418
Milo 9427.jpgMilo 9427
Milo 9451.jpgMilo 9451
Milo 9613.jpgMilo 9613
Milo 9614.jpgMilo 9614
Milo 9691.jpgMilo 9691
Milo 9698.jpgMilo 9698
Milo 9702.jpgMilo 9702
Milo 9725.jpgMilo 9725
Milo 9734.jpgMilo 9734
Milo 9801.jpgMilo 9801
Milo 9809.jpgMilo 9809
Milo 9817.jpgMilo 9817
Milo 9833.jpgMilo 9833
Milo 9878.jpgMilo 9878

fabric 3

Camira Aspect

Camira Aspect. 75% Trevira CS, 25% flame retardant polyester non metallic drystuffs. >50,000 Martindale.

Camira Aspect ACT01.jpgCamira Aspect ACT01
Camira Aspect ACT02.jpgCamira Aspect ACT02
Camira Aspect ACT03.jpgCamira Aspect ACT03
Camira Aspect ACT04.jpgCamira Aspect ACT04
Camira Aspect ACT05.jpgCamira Aspect ACT05
Camira Aspect ACT06.jpgCamira Aspect ACT06
Camira Aspect ACT07.jpgCamira Aspect ACT07
Camira Aspect ACT09.jpgCamira Aspect ACT09
Camira Aspect ACT11.jpgCamira Aspect ACT11
Camira Aspect ACT14.jpgCamira Aspect ACT14
Camira Aspect ACT15.jpgCamira Aspect ACT15
Camira Aspect ACT16.jpgCamira Aspect ACT16
Camira Aspect ACT17.jpgCamira Aspect ACT17
Camira Aspect ACT18.jpgCamira Aspect ACT18
Camira Aspect ACT20.jpgCamira Aspect ACT20
Camira Aspect ACT21.jpgCamira Aspect ACT21
Camira Aspect ACT22.jpgCamira Aspect ACT22
Camira Aspect ACT24.jpgCamira Aspect ACT24
Camira Aspect ACT25.jpgCamira Aspect ACT25
Camira Aspect ACT26.jpgCamira Aspect ACT26
Camira Aspect ACT27.jpgCamira Aspect ACT27
Camira Aspect ACT28.jpgCamira Aspect ACT28
Camira Aspect ACT30.jpgCamira Aspect ACT30
Camira Aspect ACT31.jpgCamira Aspect ACT31


55% POL, 35% PU, 10% CO. >50,000 Martindale.

vela 8336 fr 1.jpgvela 8336 fr 1
vela 8336 fr 10.jpgvela 8336 fr 10
vela 8336 fr 11.jpgvela 8336 fr 11
vela 8336 fr 15.jpgvela 8336 fr 15
vela 8336 fr 29.jpgvela 8336 fr 29
vela 8336 fr 3.jpgvela 8336 fr 3
vela 8336 fr 30.jpgvela 8336 fr 30
vela 8336 fr 31.jpgvela 8336 fr 31
vela 8336 fr 32.jpgvela 8336 fr 32
vela 8336 fr 36.jpgvela 8336 fr 36
vela 8336 fr 37.jpgvela 8336 fr 37
vela 8336 fr 38.jpgvela 8336 fr 38
vela 8336 fr 4.jpgvela 8336 fr 4
vela 8336 fr 41.jpgvela 8336 fr 41
vela 8336 fr 42.jpgvela 8336 fr 42
vela 8336 fr 43.jpgvela 8336 fr 43
vela 8336 fr 5.jpgvela 8336 fr 5
vela 8336 fr 51.jpgvela 8336 fr 51
vela 8336 fr 52.jpgvela 8336 fr 52
vela 8336 fr 53.jpgvela 8336 fr 53
vela 8336 fr 55.jpgvela 8336 fr 55
vela 8336 fr 57.jpgvela 8336 fr 57
vela 8336 fr 59.jpgvela 8336 fr 59
vela 8336 fr 61.jpgvela 8336 fr 61
vela 8336 fr 76.jpgvela 8336 fr 76

Vescom Samar

100% polyester. >50,000 Martindale.

Vescom Samar 7052.01.jpgVescom Samar 7052.01
Vescom Samar 7052.03.jpgVescom Samar 7052.03
Vescom Samar 7052.04.jpgVescom Samar 7052.04
Vescom Samar 7052.05.jpgVescom Samar 7052.05
Vescom Samar 7052.06.jpgVescom Samar 7052.06
Vescom Samar 7052.07.jpgVescom Samar 7052.07
Vescom Samar 7052.08.jpgVescom Samar 7052.08
Vescom Samar 7052.12.jpgVescom Samar 7052.12
Vescom Samar 7052.15.jpgVescom Samar 7052.15
Vescom Samar 7052.17.jpgVescom Samar 7052.17
Vescom Samar 7052.19.jpgVescom Samar 7052.19
Vescom Samar 7052.26.jpgVescom Samar 7052.26
Vescom Samar 7052.30.jpgVescom Samar 7052.30
Vescom Samar 7052.31.jpgVescom Samar 7052.31
Vescom Samar 7052.32.jpgVescom Samar 7052.32
Vescom Samar 7052.34.jpgVescom Samar 7052.34
Vescom Samar 7052.35.jpgVescom Samar 7052.35
Vescom Samar 7052.37.jpgVescom Samar 7052.37
Vescom Samar 7052.39.jpgVescom Samar 7052.39
Vescom Samar 7052.44.jpgVescom Samar 7052.44
Vescom Samar 7052.47.jpgVescom Samar 7052.47
Vescom Samar 7052.49.jpgVescom Samar 7052.49
Vescom Samar 7052.51.jpgVescom Samar 7052.51

fabric 4


100% Trevira CS. 100,000 Martindale.

Super SU 5101.jpgSuper SU 5101
Super SU 5106.jpgSuper SU 5106
Super SU 5111.jpgSuper SU 5111
Super SU 5112.jpgSuper SU 5112
Super SU 5114.jpgSuper SU 5114
Super SU 5116.jpgSuper SU 5116
Super SU 5118.jpgSuper SU 5118
Super SU 5121.jpgSuper SU 5121
Super SU 5123.jpgSuper SU 5123
Super SU 5125.jpgSuper SU 5125
Super SU 5126.jpgSuper SU 5126
Super SU 5127.jpgSuper SU 5127
Super SU 5128.jpgSuper SU 5128
Super SU 5130.jpgSuper SU 5130
Super SU 5132.jpgSuper SU 5132
Super SU 5133.jpgSuper SU 5133
Super SU 5136.jpgSuper SU 5136
Super SU 5137.jpgSuper SU 5137
Super SU 5139.jpgSuper SU 5139
Super SU 5142.jpgSuper SU 5142
Super SU 5143.jpgSuper SU 5143
Super SU 5146.jpgSuper SU 5146
Super SU 5147.jpgSuper SU 5147
Super SU 5149.jpgSuper SU 5149
Super SU 5150.jpgSuper SU 5150
Super SU 5152.jpgSuper SU 5152

Vescom Acton

Vescom Acton. 100% flame retardant polyester. 100,000 Martindale.

Vescom Acton 7062.01.jpgVescom Acton 7062.01
Vescom Acton 7062.03.jpgVescom Acton 7062.03
Vescom Acton 7062.04.jpgVescom Acton 7062.04
Vescom Acton 7062.07.jpgVescom Acton 7062.07
Vescom Acton 7062.08.jpgVescom Acton 7062.08
Vescom Acton 7062.09.jpgVescom Acton 7062.09
Vescom Acton 7062.11.jpgVescom Acton 7062.11
Vescom Acton 7062.12.jpgVescom Acton 7062.12
Vescom Acton 7062.13.jpgVescom Acton 7062.13
Vescom Acton 7062.14.jpgVescom Acton 7062.14
Vescom Acton 7062.15.jpgVescom Acton 7062.15
Vescom Acton 7062.18.jpgVescom Acton 7062.18
Vescom Acton 7062.19.jpgVescom Acton 7062.19
Vescom Acton 7062.21.jpgVescom Acton 7062.21
Vescom Acton 7062.22.jpgVescom Acton 7062.22
Vescom Acton 7062.23.jpgVescom Acton 7062.23
Vescom Acton 7062.25.jpgVescom Acton 7062.25
Vescom Acton 7062.26.jpgVescom Acton 7062.26
Vescom Acton 7062.27.jpgVescom Acton 7062.27
Vescom Acton 7062.30.jpgVescom Acton 7062.30
Vescom Acton 7062.31.jpgVescom Acton 7062.31
Vescom Acton 7062.33.jpgVescom Acton 7062.33
Vescom Acton 7062.35.jpgVescom Acton 7062.35

Vescom Fuga

100% flame retardant polyester. 75,000 Martindale.

7047.11_lowres.jpg7047.11 lowres
Vescom Fuga 7047.01.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.01
Vescom Fuga 7047.02.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.02
Vescom Fuga 7047.03.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.03
Vescom Fuga 7047.05.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.05
Vescom Fuga 7047.06.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.06
Vescom Fuga 7047.07.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.07
Vescom Fuga 7047.08.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.08
Vescom Fuga 7047.10.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.10
Vescom Fuga 7047.14.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.14
Vescom Fuga 7047.15.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.15
Vescom Fuga 7047.16.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.16
Vescom Fuga 7047.17.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.17
Vescom Fuga 7047.18.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.18
Vescom Fuga 7047.19.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.19
Vescom Fuga 7047.20.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.20
Vescom Fuga 7047.22.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.22
Vescom Fuga 7047.23.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.23
Vescom Fuga 7047.24.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.24
Vescom Fuga 7047.25.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.25
Vescom Fuga 7047.26.jpgVescom Fuga 7047.26

fabric 5

Camira Synergy

95% new wool. 5% polyamide. >100,000 Martindale.

Camira Synegy LDS07.jpgCamira Synegy LDS07
Camira Synegy LDS08.jpgCamira Synegy LDS08
Camira Synegy LDS17.jpgCamira Synegy LDS17
Camira Synegy LDS26.jpgCamira Synegy LDS26
Camira Synegy LDS28.jpgCamira Synegy LDS28
Camira Synegy LDS29.jpgCamira Synegy LDS29
Camira Synegy LDS31.jpgCamira Synegy LDS31
Camira Synegy LDS32.jpgCamira Synegy LDS32
Camira Synegy LDS33.jpgCamira Synegy LDS33
Camira Synegy LDS35.jpgCamira Synegy LDS35
Camira Synegy LDS36.jpgCamira Synegy LDS36
Camira Synegy LDS37.jpgCamira Synegy LDS37
Camira Synegy LDS39.jpgCamira Synegy LDS39
Camira Synegy LDS41.jpgCamira Synegy LDS41
Camira Synegy LDS42.jpgCamira Synegy LDS42
Camira Synegy LDS43.jpgCamira Synegy LDS43
Camira Synegy LDS47.jpgCamira Synegy LDS47
Camira Synegy LDS48.jpgCamira Synegy LDS48
Camira Synegy LDS50.jpgCamira Synegy LDS50
Camira Synegy LDS56.jpgCamira Synegy LDS56
Camira Synegy LDS58.jpgCamira Synegy LDS58
Camira Synegy LDS59.jpgCamira Synegy LDS59
Camira Synegy LDS62.jpgCamira Synegy LDS62
Camira Synegy LDS66.jpgCamira Synegy LDS66
Camira Synegy LDS69.jpgCamira Synegy LDS69
Camira Synegy LDS76.jpgCamira Synegy LDS76
Camira Synegy LDS77.jpgCamira Synegy LDS77
Camira Synegy LDS83.jpgCamira Synegy LDS83
Camira Synegy LDS84.jpgCamira Synegy LDS84
Camira Synegy LDS86.jpgCamira Synegy LDS86

Vescom Deans

Vescom Deans. 100% flame retardant polyester. 110,000 Martindale.

Vescom Deans 7048.02 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.02 M
Vescom Deans 7048.02 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.02 P
Vescom Deans 7048.03 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.03 M
Vescom Deans 7048.03 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.03 P
Vescom Deans 7048.04 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.04 M
Vescom Deans 7048.05 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.05 M
Vescom Deans 7048.05 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.05 P
Vescom Deans 7048.06 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.06 M
Vescom Deans 7048.06 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.06 P
Vescom Deans 7048.07 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.07 M
Vescom Deans 7048.07 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.07 P
Vescom Deans 7048.08 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.08 M
Vescom Deans 7048.08 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.08 P
Vescom Deans 7048.09 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.09 M
Vescom Deans 7048.09 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.09 P
Vescom Deans 7048.10 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.10 M
Vescom Deans 7048.10 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.10 P
Vescom Deans 7048.11 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.11 M
Vescom Deans 7048.11 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.11 P
Vescom Deans 7048.12 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.12 M
Vescom Deans 7048.12 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.12 P
Vescom Deans 7048.13 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.13 M
Vescom Deans 7048.13 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.13 P
Vescom Deans 7048.14 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.14 M
Vescom Deans 7048.14 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.14 P
Vescom Deans 7048.15 M.jpgVescom Deans 7048.15 M
Vescom Deans 7048.15 P.jpgVescom Deans 7048.15 P

Vescom Hestan

100% flame retardant polyester. 60,000 Martindale.

Vescom Hestan 7035.01.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.01
Vescom Hestan 7035.02.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.02
Vescom Hestan 7035.03.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.03
Vescom Hestan 7035.05.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.05
Vescom Hestan 7035.06.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.06
Vescom Hestan 7035.07.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.07
Vescom Hestan 7035.08.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.08
Vescom Hestan 7035.09.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.09
Vescom Hestan 7035.10.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.10
Vescom Hestan 7035.11.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.11
Vescom Hestan 7035.12.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.12
Vescom Hestan 7035.14.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.14
Vescom Hestan 7035.16.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.16
Vescom Hestan 7035.18.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.18
Vescom Hestan 7035.19.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.19
Vescom Hestan 7035.20.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.20
Vescom Hestan 7035.22.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.22
Vescom Hestan 7035.23.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.23
Vescom Hestan 7035.24.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.24
Vescom Hestan 7035.25.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.25
Vescom Hestan 7035.26.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.26
Vescom Hestan 7035.27.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.27
Vescom Hestan 7035.28.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.28
Vescom Hestan 7035.29.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.29
Vescom Hestan 7035.30.jpgVescom Hestan 7035.30

leather 1


European bovie leather. 1.1 mm thick. Natural grain. Chrome tanned. Aniline dyed. Semi-gloss finish.

marea-ma1.jpgmarea ma1
marea-ma10.jpgmarea ma10
marea-ma11.jpgmarea ma11
marea-ma12.jpgmarea ma12
marea-ma13.jpgmarea ma13
marea-ma14.jpgmarea ma14
marea-ma15.jpgmarea ma15
marea-ma16.jpgmarea ma16
marea-ma17.jpgmarea ma17
marea-ma19.jpgmarea ma19
marea-ma2.jpgmarea ma2
marea-ma21.jpgmarea ma21
marea-ma23.jpgmarea ma23
marea-ma24.jpgmarea ma24
marea-ma25.jpgmarea ma25
marea-ma26.jpgmarea ma26
marea-ma27.jpgmarea ma27
marea-ma3.jpgmarea ma3
marea-ma4.jpgmarea ma4
marea-ma5.jpgmarea ma5
marea-ma6.jpgmarea ma6
marea-ma7.jpgmarea ma7
marea-ma8.jpgmarea ma8
marea-ma9.jpgmarea ma9

leather 2


Bulls leather. Origin Europe: Western France and South Germany. Natural grain. Chrome tanning. 1.1 mm thick. Aniline dyed.

galea-ga-1.jpggalea ga 1
galea-ga-11.jpggalea ga 11
galea-ga-13.jpggalea ga 13
galea-ga-17.jpggalea ga 17
galea-ga-18.jpggalea ga 18
galea-ga-20.jpggalea ga 20
galea-ga-24.jpggalea ga 24
galea-ga-26.jpggalea ga 26
galea-ga-28.jpggalea ga 28
galea-ga-30.jpggalea ga 30
galea-ga-31.jpggalea ga 31
galea-ga-32.jpggalea ga 32
galea-ga-33.jpggalea ga 33
galea-ga-34.jpggalea ga 34
galea-ga-35.jpggalea ga 35
galea-ga-36.jpggalea ga 36
galea-ga-39.jpggalea ga 39
galea-ga-52.jpggalea ga 52
galea-ga-55.jpggalea ga 55
galea-ga-6.jpggalea ga 6

leather 3


Bull leather. Brittany, France and Southern German. 1.4mm thick. Full grain, natural effect leather.

Flow 11.jpgFlow 11
Flow 13.jpgFlow 13
Flow 16.jpgFlow 16
Flow 17.jpgFlow 17
Flow 18.jpgFlow 18
Flow 2.jpgFlow 2
Flow 23.jpgFlow 23
Flow 26.jpgFlow 26
Flow 3.jpgFlow 3
Flow 6.jpgFlow 6
Flow 7.jpgFlow 7


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Two Seat Bench