Malik Gallery Collection

Two Seat Bench

Two Seat Bench


Upholstered two seat bench with walnut stain wood frame, hide leather straps and polished chrome tubular steel legs.




Height: 16¼"
Depth: 20½"
Width: 48"
Weight: 67 lbs.


COM $2,703
COL $2,783
Fabric 1 $2,213
Leather 1 $2,359
Leather 2 $2,788
Leather 3 $3,086


Add $35 net packing charge


Malik Gallery Collection

Two Seat Bench



fabric 1


72% PVC, 3% PU, 25% COT. 50,000 Martinale.

1-aurea-mood.jpg1 aurea mood
10-aurea-mood.jpg10 aurea mood
11-aurea-mood.jpg11 aurea mood
12-aurea-mood.jpg12 aurea mood
13-aurea-mood.jpg13 aurea mood
14-aurea-mood.jpg14 aurea mood
15-aurea-mood.jpg15 aurea mood
16-aurea-mood.jpg16 aurea mood
17-aurea-mood.jpg17 aurea mood
18-aurea-mood.jpg18 aurea mood
19-aurea-mood.jpg19 aurea mood
2-aurea-mood.jpg2 aurea mood
20-aurea-mood.jpg20 aurea mood
21-aurea-mood.jpg21 aurea mood
23-aurea-mood.jpg23 aurea mood
24-aurea-mood.jpg24 aurea mood
25-aurea-mood.jpg25 aurea mood
26-aurea-mood.jpg26 aurea mood
3-aurea-mood.jpg3 aurea mood
4-aurea-mood.jpg4 aurea mood
5-aurea-mood.jpg5 aurea mood
6-aurea-mood.jpg6 aurea mood
7-aurea-mood.jpg7 aurea mood
8-aurea-mood.jpg8 aurea mood
9-aurea-mood.jpg9 aurea mood


69% PVC, 1% PU, 10% COT, 20% PES. 50,000 Martindale.

1-skill.jpg1 skill
10-skill.jpg10 skill
11-skill.jpg11 skill
12-skill.jpg12 skill
13-skill.jpg13 skill
14-skill.jpg14 skill
15-skill.jpg15 skill
16-skill.jpg16 skill
17-skill.jpg17 skill
18-skill.jpg18 skill
19-skill.jpg19 skill
2-skill.jpg2 skill
20-skill.jpg20 skill
21-skill.jpg21 skill
22-skill.jpg22 skill
23-skill.jpg23 skill
25-skill.jpg25 skill
26-skill.jpg26 skill
27-skill.jpg27 skill
28-skill.jpg28 skill
29-skill.jpg29 skill
3-skill.jpg3 skill
30-skill.jpg30 skill
31-skill.jpg31 skill
32-skill.jpg32 skill
33-skill.jpg33 skill
34-skill.jpg34 skill
36-skill.jpg36 skill
4-skill.jpg4 skill
5-skill.jpg5 skill
6-skill.jpg6 skill
7-skill.jpg7 skill
8-skill.jpg8 skill
9-skill.jpg9 skill

leather 1

Bovine leather. Corrected and embossed. 0.8 - 1.0mm thick. Pigmented with protective top coat. Soft handle with a silky matte finish.

zenith-9000-white.jpgzenith 9000 white
zenith-9001-latte.jpgzenith 9001 latte
zenith-9002-ecru.jpgzenith 9002 ecru
zenith-9003-ice.jpgzenith 9003 ice
zenith-9004-sand.jpgzenith 9004 sand
zenith-9005-desert.jpgzenith 9005 desert
zenith-9007-stone.jpgzenith 9007 stone
zenith-9009-gray.jpgzenith 9009 gray
zenith-9012-hazelnut.jpgzenith 9012 hazelnut
zenith-9015-testa-di-moro.jpgzenith 9015 testa di moro
zenith-9016-red.jpgzenith 9016 red
zenith-9017-bordeaux.jpgzenith 9017 bordeaux
zenith-9018-greenfinch.jpgzenith 9018 greenfinch
zenith-9019-water.jpgzenith 9019 water
zenith-9021-ocean.jpgzenith 9021 ocean
zenith-9023-graphite.jpgzenith 9023 graphite
zenith-9024-black.jpgzenith 9024 black
zenith-9025-violet.jpgzenith 9025 violet
zenith-9026-granata.jpgzenith 9026 granata
zenith-9027-honey.jpgzenith 9027 honey
zenith-9032-slate.jpgzenith 9032 slate
zenith-9034-creta.jpgzenith 9034 creta
zenith-9035-bosco.jpgzenith 9035 bosco
zenith-9036-lime.jpgzenith 9036 lime
zenith-9037-orange.jpgzenith 9037 orange
zenith-9039-champagne.jpgzenith 9039 champagne
zenith-9040-beige.jpgzenith 9040 beige
zenith-9044-denim.jpgzenith 9044 denim
zenith-9046-mahogany.jpgzenith 9046 mahogany

leather 2

Bovine leather. Corrected and embossed for enhanced larger grain appearance. 1.3-1.5mm thick. Pigmented and protective top coat. Soft handle with silky matte finish.

atlantic-501-optical-white.jpgatlantic 501 optical white
atlantic-503-poudre.jpgatlantic 503 poudre
atlantic-504-white.jpgatlantic 504 white
atlantic-505-gray.jpgatlantic 505 gray
atlantic-506-sand.jpgatlantic 506 sand
atlantic-507-earth.jpgatlantic 507 earth
atlantic-509-mastic.jpgatlantic 509 mastic
atlantic-510-red.jpgatlantic 510 red
atlantic-511-orange.jpgatlantic 511 orange
atlantic-512-hazelnut.jpgatlantic 512 hazelnut
atlantic-513-vinaccia.jpgatlantic 513 vinaccia
atlantic-514-mud.jpgatlantic 514 mud
atlantic-515-yellow.jpgatlantic 515 yellow
atlantic-516-black.jpgatlantic 516 black
atlantic-517-chocolate.jpgatlantic 517 chocolate
atlantic-518-gray.jpgatlantic 518 gray
atlantic-519-anthracite.jpgatlantic 519 anthracite
atlantic-520-green.jpgatlantic 520 green
atlantic-522-panama.jpgatlantic 522 panama
atlantic-528-nougat.jpgatlantic 528 nougat
atlantic-529-mud.jpgatlantic 529 mud
atlantic-535-cornflake.jpgatlantic 535 cornflake
atlantic-536-coral.jpgatlantic 536 coral
atlantic-537-new-ferrari.jpgatlantic 537 new ferrari
atlantic-538-blush.jpgatlantic 538 blush
atlantic-541-violet-blue.jpgatlantic 541 violet blue
atlantic-542-night.jpgatlantic 542 night
atlantic-544-camelia.jpgatlantic 544 camelia
atlantic-545-yellow-green.jpgatlantic 545 yellow green
atlantic-547-musk.jpgatlantic 547 musk
atlantic-548-royal-blue.jpgatlantic 548 royal blue

leather 3

Bovine leather. Natural grain. 1.2-1.4mm thick. Aniline dyed. Finished with resnis and pigments. Protective coat with a soft waxy feel and semi-matte appearance.

prescott-200-soul-white.jpgprescott 200 soul white
prescott-201-ivory.jpgprescott 201 ivory
prescott-202-pearl.jpgprescott 202 pearl
prescott-204-gray.jpgprescott 204 gray
prescott-205-cincer.jpgprescott 205 cincer
prescott-207-black-ink.jpgprescott 207 black ink
prescott-209-turtledove.jpgprescott 209 turtledove
prescott-212-papyrus.jpgprescott 212 papyrus
prescott-213-buckskin.jpgprescott 213 buckskin
prescott-216-antilope.jpgprescott 216 antilope
prescott-219-sand.jpgprescott 219 sand
prescott-223-swamp.jpgprescott 223 swamp
prescott-224-acajou.jpgprescott 224 acajou
prescott-236-carob.jpgprescott 236 carob
prescott-239-fond-de-tein.jpgprescott 239 fond de tein
prescott-242-wine.jpgprescott 242 wine
prescott-244-sunset.jpgprescott 244 sunset
prescott-247-parrot.jpgprescott 247 parrot
prescott-248-siam.jpgprescott 248 siam
prescott-249-chiquita.jpgprescott 249 chiquita
prescott-254-moud.jpgprescott 254 moud
prescott-262-bottle.jpgprescott 262 bottle
prescott-263-s-breeze.jpgprescott 263 s breeze
prescott-274-indigo.jpgprescott 274 indigo
prescott-279-matisse.jpgprescott 279 matisse
prescott-282-lavander.jpgprescott 282 lavander
prescott-288-phonebox.jpgprescott 288 phonebox
prescott-293-ebony.jpgprescott 293 ebony
prescott-295-tan.jpgprescott 295 tan
prescott-300-crocus.jpgprescott 300 crocus
prescott-301-dash.jpgprescott 301 dash
Malik Gallery Collection

Two Seat Bench