Side Chair

Daiki Side Chair

Side chair with solid ashwood frame. Back in bent hollow core multilayered ashwood. Front of seat and back optionally upholstered with fabric or leather over high density polyurethane foam.




Height: 30¾"
Depth: 18½"
Width: 19¼"
Weight: 13 lbs.

COM:.4 Seat only / .7 seat and back yds.
COL:8 sq. ft. seat only/13 and back sq. ft.


Natural or Stained Ash $693
Lacquered Ash $723
Stained Ash Frame/COM Seat Only $950
Stained Ash Frame/Fabric 1 Seat Only $762
Stained Ash Frame/Fabric 2 Seat Only $773
Stained Ash Frame/Fabric 3 Seat Only $806
Lacquered Ash Frame/COM Seat Only $983
Lacquered Ash Frame/Fabric 1 Seat Only $795
Lacquered Ash Frame/Fabric 2 Seat Only $806
Lacquered Ash Frame/Fabric 3 Seat Only $839


Minimum order of 2. Add 20% for upholstered seat and front of back.



fl01 white lacquered ash.jpg
fl06 light blue ash.jpg
fl07 taupe ash.jpg
ft00 natural ash.jpg
ft01 whitened ash.jpg
ft08 walnut stained ash.jpg
ft09 black stained ash.jpg

fabric 1

Inca Faux Leather

inca ia01 faux leather.jpg
inca ia02 faux leather.jpg
inca ia04 faux leather.jpg
inca ia06 faux leather.jpg
inca ia07 faux leather.jpg
inca ia08 faux leather.jpg
inca ia17 faux leather.jpg
inca ia27 faux leather.jpg


Seagull sl01.jpg
Seagull sl02.jpg
Seagull sl03.jpg
Seagull sl04.jpg
Seagull sl05.jpg
Seagull sl06.jpg
Seagull sl07.jpg
Seagull sl08.jpg
Seagull sl12.jpg
Seagull sl16.jpg
Seagull sl17.jpg
Seagull sl27.jpg
Untitled Extract Pages.jpg

fabric 2


Advantage ae02.jpg
Advantage ae03.jpg
Advantage ae04.jpg
Advantage ae05.jpg
Advantage ae06.jpg
Advantage ae07.jpg
Advantage ae15.jpg
Advantage ae16.jpg
Advantage ae26.jpg


Sprint st02.jpg
Sprint st04.jpg
Sprint st05.jpg
Sprint st06.jpg
Sprint st07.jpg
Sprint st09.jpg


Xtreme xe01.jpg
Xtreme xe02.jpg
Xtreme xe03.jpg
Xtreme xe04.jpg
Xtreme xe05.jpg
Xtreme xe06.jpg
Xtreme xe07.jpg
Xtreme xe09.jpg
Xtreme xe12.jpg
Xtreme xe15.jpg
Xtreme xe16.jpg
Xtreme xe17.jpg
Xtreme xe25.jpg
Xtreme xe27.jpg

fabric 3


synergy sy02.jpg
synergy sy04.jpg
synergy sy06.jpg
synergy sy07.jpg
synergy sy14.jpg
synergy sy16.jpg
synergy sy17.jpg
synergy sy27.jpg

fabric 4


Melange me02.jpg
Melange me03.jpg
Melange me05.jpg
Melange me06.jpg
Melange me07.jpg
Melange me08.jpg
Melange me16.jpg


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