Side Chair

Aron Side Chair

Side chair with solid ashwood frame. Back in bent hollow core multilayered ashwood. Front of seat and back optionally upholstered with fabric or leather over high density polyurethane foam.




Height: 30¾"
Depth: 20½"
Width: 19¼"
Seat Height: 18¼"
Weight: 11 lbs.

COM: 0.7 yds.
COL: 13 sq. ft.


Natural or Stained Ash $649
Lacquered Ash $677
Stained Ash Frame/COM $1,019
Stained Ash Frame/Fabric 1 $883
Stained Ash Frame/Fabric 2 $906
Stained Ash Frame/Fabric 3 $955
Lacquered Ash Frame/COM $1,070
Lacquered Ash Frame/Fabric 1 $934
Lacquered Ash Frame/Fabric 2 $957
Lacquered Ash Frame/Fabric 3 $1,006


Minimum order of 2.



al02 white lacquered ash.jpg
al04 lacquered light blue ash.jpg
al06 lacquered taupe ash.jpg
al08 lacquered powder pink.jpg
at01 bleached stained ash.jpg
at03 natural ash.jpg
at05 walnut stained ash.jpg
at07 black stained ash.jpg

fabric 1


Annie 20405 dark brown.jpg
Annie 45404 light brown.jpg
Annie 46500 mustard.jpg
Annie 53401 beige.jpg
Annie 57200 black.jpg

faux leather

faux leather 100 white.jpg
faux leather 15 cognac.jpg
faux leather 42 black.jpg
faux leather 44 beige.jpg
faux leather 603 mud gray.jpg
faux leather 700 dark blue.jpg
faux leather 80 red.jpg

fabric 2

Matrix Faux Leather

Matrix Faux Leather 100 ivory.jpg
Matrix Faux Leather 102 beige.jpg
Matrix Faux Leather 404 brown.jpg
Matrix Faux Leather 407 camel.jpg
Matrix Faux Leather 700 dark blue.jpg


Nordic 306 cognac.jpg
Nordic 403 dark brown.jpg
Nordic 404 beige.jpg
Nordic 406 brown.jpg
Nordic 600 gray.jpg
Nordic 702 dark blue.jpg

fabric 3


Topic 301 cognac.jpg
Topic 402 sand.jpg
Topic 405 dark brown.jpg
Topic 602 light gray.jpg
Topic 803 oil green.jpg
Topic 804 light green.jpg

Vela Velvet

Vela 25540 gold.jpg
Vela 355030 red.jpg
Vela 355115 bronze.jpg
Vela 55129.jpg
Vela 85504 light gray.jpg


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