Columbus Stool

Bar height stool. Round tubular steel frame with polished chrome finish. Wood seat upholstered with regenerated hide or hide leather.




Height: 34¾"
Depth: 17¾"
Width: 16½"
Seat Height: 30"
Weight: 18 lbs.

COM:0.4 yds.
COL:8 sq. ft.


COM/COL $998
Regenerated Leather $982
Hide $744
Synthetic Leather $724
Soft Leather $742


Minimum quantity of 4 for COM/COL projects.



hide black u04.jpg
hide brown u41.jpg
hide bulgarian red u01.jpg
hide caffe u25.jpg
hide cigarette grey u18.jpg
hide dark grey u02.jpg
hide fango u54.jpg
hide fire red u42.jpg
hide havana u53.jpg
hide ocra yellow u22.jpg
hide orange u21.jpg
hide u64 facepowder pink.jpg
hide u65 grapefruit pink.jpg
hide u66 light blue.jpg
hide u67 ocean blue.jpg
hide u68 pine green.jpg
hide u69 sage green.jpg
hide vanilla u34.jpg
hide white u05.jpg

synthetic leather


Synthetic leather.

secret 7S0 black.jpg
secret 7S1 white.jpg
secret 7S2 red.jpg
secret 7S3 brown.jpg
secret 7S4 beige.jpg
secret 7S5 anthracite.jpg
secret 7S6 orange.jpg
secret 7S7 purple.jpg
secret 7S8 pine green.jpg
secret 7S9 blue.jpg
secret 7SA sand.jpg
secret 7SB bulgarian red.jpg
secret 7SC air force blue.jpg
secret 7SD dust gray.jpg
secret 7SE green.jpg
secret 7SF ash gray.jpg
secret 7SG ocra.jpg
secret 7SH turtle dove.jpg
secret 7SI lime.jpg
secret 7SL light blue.jpg
secret 7SM pastel yellow.jpg
secret 7Sn pastel green.jpg


Half grain European bovine leather. 0.9 - 1.0mm thick. Aniline dyed. Contains no toxic or harmful chemicals.

f01 bordeaux.jpg
f03 dust gray.jpg
f04 black.jpg
f05 white.jpg
f09 sky.jpg
f18 ash gray.jpg
f20 smoke.jpg
f24 lemon.jpg
f34 vanilla.jpg
f38 denim.jpg
f41 brown.jpg
f42 red.jpg
f49 green.jpg
f52 hazel.jpg
f54 mud.jpg
f57 brown.jpg
f58 sahara.jpg
f59 emerald green.jpg


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