Stackable Sled Base Side Chair

Era Stackable Sled Base Side Chair

Stackable sled base side chair. 4 leg high resistant steel with leveling glides. Base finished in white, black or polished chrome. Shell in polypropylene with polished back and embossed anti-slip treatment on front. Optional partial upholstery of front of shell, or optional complete upholstery of shell. Various upholstery patterns including flat (standard), fountain, channel, droplet or dots. Optional outdoor treatment available. Stacks 20 high in polypropylene. Stacks 8 high when upholstered.




Height: 32"
Depth: 21¾"
Width: 21¾"
Seat Height: 17¾"
Weight: 11 lbs.

COM:0.6 yds.
COL:11 sq. ft.
KD Indoor-Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Stackable Stackable


Polypropylene $314
COM Fully Upholstered $745
COL Fully Upholstered $850
Fabric 1 Fully Upholstered $430
Fabric 2 Fully Upholstered $471
Fabric 3 Fully Upholstered $497
Fabric 4 Fully Upholstered $543
Leather 1 Fully Upholstered $722
Leather 2 Fully Upholstered $765
COM Partial Upholstered $841
COL Partial Upholstered $946
Fabric 1 Partial Upholstered $526
Fabric 2 Partial Upholstered $553
Fabric 3 Partial Upholstered $570
Fabric 4 Partial Upholstered $601
Leather 1 Partial Upholstered $669
Leather 2 Partial Upholstered $681


Minimum order of 4. Polished chrome frame - $13.
Underseat cover for stacking upholstered chairs - $57.Protective plugs (set of 4) for stacking polypropylene shell chairs - $25. Ganging device (set of 2) - $71. Cart - $866. Outdoor treatment (Minimum quantity of 30) - $80. Water drain hole - $34. Partial fountain upholstery pattern - $35. Total fountain upholstery - $39. Partial channel upholstered - $67. Total channel upholstery - $72. Partial drops upholstered - $67. Total drops upholstered - $72. Partial dotted upholstered - $336. Total drops upholstered - $348.

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