Happy Days Stool

Stool with square tubular steel frame. Polished chrome finish. Seat in whited oak, wenge stain or upholstered.




Height: 30¾"
Depth: 15½"
Width: 15½"
Weight: 23 lbs.

COM:0.6 yds.
COL:11 sq. ft.


Wood $624
COM $1,055
COL $1,075
Fabric 1 $763
Fabric 2 $810
Fabric 3 $927



l388 whitened oak.jpg
l847 wenge.jpg

fabric 1


eo1 s ecoleather S323 white.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s324 black.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s346 brown.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s365 red.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s367 cream.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s39 bordeaux red.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s401 dark gray.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s402 dove gray.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s403 acid green.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s404 yellow.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s405 blue.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s406 orange.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s407 silver.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s408 cappuccino.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s409 gray.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s410 light blue.jpg
eo1 s ecoleather s411 sky blue.jpg


t01 convert t201 white.jpg
t01 convert t202 ecru.jpg
t01 convert t203 grass green.jpg
t01 convert t204 yellow.jpg
t01 convert t205 dark green.jpg
t01 convert t209 ruby red.jpg
t01 convert t210 red.jpg
t01 convert t211 orange.jpg
t01 convert t212 blue green.jpg
t01 convert t213 russet.jpg
t01 convert t214 blue.jpg
t01 convert t215 pastel light blue.jpg
t01 convert t216 pastel purple.jpg


t02 abaka s451 white.jpg
t02 abaka s452 gray.jpg
t02 abaka s453 lead gray.jpg
t02 abaka s454 silver gray.jpg
t02 abaka s455 pistachio green.jpg
t02 abaka s456 red.jpg
t02 abaka s457 aqua.jpg
t02 abaka s458 yellow.jpg
t02 abaka s459 dark blue.jpg


t03 microclass t001 beige.jpg
t03 microclass t002 orange red.jpg
t03 microclass t003 red.jpg
t03 microclass t004 yellow.jpg
t03 microclass t005 blue.jpg

fabric 2


eo2 vintage ecoleather s470 hazel.jpg
eo2 vintage ecoleather s471 olive green.jpg
eo2 vintage ecoleather s472 cream.jpg
eo2 vintage ecoleather s473 gray.jpg
eo2 vintage ecoleather s474 clay brown.jpg


eo3 p ecoleather s431 white.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s432 ice.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s433 moka.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s434 dove gray.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s435 pistachio green.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s436 red.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s437 pastel blue.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s438 black.jpg
eo3 p ecoleather s439 cognac.jpg


l01 boiled wool l101 light gray.jpg
l01 boiled wool l102 dark gray.jpg
l01 boiled wool l103 pistacchio green.jpg
l01 boiled wool l104 green blue.jpg
l01 boiled wool l105 yellow ocra.jpg
l02 pure wool jacquard l151 light gray.jpg


t04 tecno yuta s461 gold.jpg
t04 tecno yuta s462 silver.jpg
t04 tecno yuta s463 bronze.jpg
t04 tecno yuta s464 platinum.jpg
t04 tecno yuta s465 blue.jpg


t05 herringbone t511 white black.jpg
t05 herringbone t512 mustard yellow.jpg
t05 herringbone t513 green azure.jpg
t05 herringbone t514 purple gray.jpg
t05 herringbone t515 azure gray.jpg

fabric 3


l02 pure wool jacquard l152 dark gray.jpg
l02 pure wool jacquard l153 brown turquoise.jpg
l02 pure wool jacquard l154 yellow green.jpg
l02 pure wool jacquard l155 beige dove gray.jpg


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