Side Chair

Colfax Side Chair

Side chair. Natural beechwood or stained beechwood. Polyurethane foam cushions upholstered in fabric or leather.




Height: 33"
Depth: 25"
Width: 18"
Seat Height: 19"
Weight: 18 lbs.

COM:0.8 yds.
COL:15 sq. ft.


COM $1,177
COL $1,274
Fabric 1 $1,053
Fabric 2 $1,071



cherry 02.jpg
dark walnut 04.jpg
light walnut 03.jpg
mahogany 05.jpg
natural beechwood 01.jpg
noce y.jpg
wenge 10.jpg

fabric 1


97% Co, 3% PL.

antiqua 713 camel.jpg
antiqua 717 turtle.jpg
antiqua 717 turtlel.jpg
antiqua 725 castagna.jpg
antiqua 733 acid.jpg
antiqua 745 red.jpg
antiqua 767 graphite.jpg

fabric 2


100% PP FR

angel 09.jpg
angel 36.jpg
angel 38.jpg
angel 39.jpg
angel 43.jpg
angel 53.jpg


90% PP FR, 10% PL FR.

ikarus 02 beige.jpg
ikarus 40 brick.jpg
ikarus 806 heaven.jpg
ikarus 901 smoke.jpg
ikarus 91 graphite.jpg
ikarus 92 testa di moro.jpg
ikarus 92 testa di morojpg.jpg

moka yemen

Synthetic leather. 85% PVC, 13% CO, 2% PU.

moka yemen 300.jpg
moka yemen 307.jpg
moka yemen 406.jpg
moka yemen 601.jpg
moka yemen 700.jpg
moka yemen 804.jpg

nord wool

70% WO, 25% NY, 5% AF.

nord wool 001.jpg
nord wool 306.jpg
nord wool 402.jpg
nord wool 404.jpg
nord wool 600.jpg
nord wool 701.jpg


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